Terms and Conditions for PHD Rent a Space

First time users of Rent a Space.

All professional Hairdressers, Barbers, Beauticians, Aestheticians, Skin Care Therapists, Nail Technicians and Tattoo Artists are welcome to make use of PHD Rent a Space facilities. First time users of our facilities will be required to register on our website and necessary contact information as well as a contact number for a next of kin in case of a medical emergency while you are at work. This information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with no person other than a person needing to use it in an emergency situation.

Space and availability.

Spaces available to book:

13 x Hairdressing Workstations (includes a tallboy for professionals equipment and personal space for clients belongings)

2 x barber stations (includes the use of Hot Towel cabinet)

4 x beauty treatment rooms (includes the use of a face steamer, a mag light and a stool for technician)

2 x pedicure stations

2 x nail / manicure tables

How it works

PHD Rent a Space works on a first book, first pay basis. You can only secure your space and your space will only be confirmed once booking is made for your space using our online booking facility and payment received in full via eft. Once you have booked and paid for your space it will be allocated to you only. The space you have booked will be cleaned, sanitized and reserved prior to your arrival.

Conditions for use

All professionals using a PHD Rent a Space facility must adhere to all regulations imposed on the personal care industry with regards to the COVID 19 pandemic, which means temperature reading on arrival and using of all necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) like masks, face shields as well as sanitizing equipment are a must.
Professionals using Rent a Space are responsible to ensure their guests as well their guests visitors/companions adhere to all the rules of PHD rent a space.
PHD offers a co-workspace, therefore it is necessary that all professionals respect each other’s designated work area as well as respect each other’s guests by not imposing on other professionals work area and by not using profanity or foul language and observing noise levels which can be disturbing to other professionals and their guests.
Any visitors or companion of a client visiting a professional cannot occupy other chairs that are allocated for rent a space and currently as per COVID 19 regulations will not be allowed to sit in the waiting area, but they can sit outside in the courtyard or wait in their vehicle, unless they are a guardian of a child or if it is someone in their care, then a special seating can be arranged and social distancing rules will be applied.
Our backwash is a quiet space where clients relax and indulge in relaxing treatments so NO talking, NO cell phones and NO visitors are allowed in the backwash.
Any professional, guest of a professional, visitor, or companion of a guest that does not adhere to the rules of rent a space will be banned from the premises and can cause the ban of that professional from using the facilities again.

Dress Code and Equipment

At PHD we do understand the nature of our versatile industry and respect that hairdressers and tattoo artists especially are artistic and creative people by nature, but because this is a shared workspace we do require that all professionals dress fashionably and or trendy. Therefore NO Shorts, NO Flip Flop Sandals and NO Vests are allowed in the workspace.
All professionals need to come fully equipped with the tools for their trade and it is not the responsibility of PHD to supply any professional with equipment to do their work.

Professional Stock Usage

To maintain a high level of professionalism and quality of service to all guests, PHD has a well-stocked depo with a full range of professional products for hair and skin care which includes Schwarzkopf IGORA ROYAL, IGORA VIBRANCE, BLONDE ME and Mycro Keratin, as well as the respective back bar shampoos, conditioners and treatments for professionals to purchase when needed. For skin care professionals no professional stock is available for purchase and they will need to bring their own products to perform services
A pricelist is available at reception and all stock bought needs to be paid immediately by card or by cash. Unfortunately no accounts will be accepted for stock purchases. Although we will allow professionals to carry their own professional stock into the workspace that they may have left over and understand that some professionals may have other stock requirements for specific guests, we do however prefer that professional reputable industry recognized brands be used and NO Supermarket, NO Pharmacy products or any NO NAME bulk products will be allowed to be used in the workspace. Professionals not adhering to these standards can be banned from using the workspace again.

Retailing of Products

PHD currently stocks the following Professional Home Care products for Hair as well as Skin Care which can be purchased by professionals at a price allowing professionals to sell these at market related retail prices to their guests (enquire about prices at reception). Ranges for hair include Redken, Schwarzkopf BC, Mycro Keratin, Osis, Redken Brews (for men), Reuzel (for men) and ranges for skin care include Environ and Beaute Pacifique.

Hours of work and Time Keeping

For the near future we will operate under normal working hours from Tuesday to Saturday, but as this is a new avenue for PHD, we are not certain of what the demand might be going forward, therefore we are willing to accept any written suggestions or recommendations for adjusted or extended hours, and then depending on the demand, PHD management will make a decision on adjusting hours to best suite all professionals who use the workspace regularly.
Time keeping is of vital importance to the successful management of the workspace and all professionals using rent a space must ensure that they arrive on time for their allocated slot and be finished and vacate the space at the end of their allocated time slot. If extra time is going to be needed to complete a service please ensure that you arrange this with management in due time.

Cancellation and rescheduling policy

As we know that sometimes life happens and you may need to change your slot due to a change in your roster, we ask that it be done with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice and we will gladly move your slot to another day free of charge. If a professional cancels or needs to move a slot at less than 24 hours’ notice there will be a 10% administration fee applicable and if the notice is given in less than 12 hours then there will be a 20% administration fee applicable. Professionals that book a space and do not show for their time slot will forfeit 100% of the booking fee.
PHD can however not be held liable or responsible in the case where a professional has booked a space and arrives on time, but their guest does not arrive for the time slot, so we ask that professionals please ensure that their guests be well informed of the cancellation and no show policies.
With that said PHD will endeavour to always have the professional’s best interest at heart and we will do our best to accommodate the professional in special cases.

Supportive staff and assistants

If a professional requires to work with an assistant, then it is the sole responsibility of the professional to bring their own assistant and to ensure that their assistant receives compensation for their work at a rate no less than the minimum wage prescribed under the Labour Relations Act of South Africa.
PHD will only provide staff for general cleaning, sanitization of work areas, washing of towels and serving of refreshments.
The general assistants at PHD may not be used by professionals to perform or assist in any professional services offered by the professional.


PHD has a fully equipped coffee bar that can provide one complimentary refreshment to all paying guests from Cappuccinos, Espressos, Café Lattes, Tea or filtered water. Extra refreshments will be charged at a minimal fee and the pricelist is available at reception.
NB! Take Note that during the COVID 19 Level 3 period and up to when all regulations are lifted, the coffee bar will be closed off area and only coffee served in take away disposable cups will be served


Because parking is limited and we would like to offer the convenience to paying guests, we ask that all professionals park their vehicles in the public parking bays on the street in Gleneagles road or make use of the Greenside parking facilities on Mowbray road, which is 100m walking distance from PHD. Parking on the PHD premises can only be used by paying guests on a first come first use basis. Parking is not guaranteed and anyone parking their vehicles on the PHD premises does so at their own risk and PHD will not be held liable for any losses or damage to a guests vehicle while it is parked on the premises.