At PHD Hairdressing & Rent a Space we host these resident hairdressers, which makes for a very dynamic yet versatile selection of stylists, that can cater to all ages, needs and styles….read more about them below

PHD Hairdressing Rent A Space

Marisca Mulder

Marisca Mulder is a young, enthusiastic and a super energetic hairstylist who believes in staying educated and keeping up with new trends.
She is also known to be the live entertainment in the salon 😜

A couple of laughs is a promise…
with Love Marisca.

PHD Hairdressing Rent A Space

Shane Gordon

Shane has been doing hair for 10 years and has an absolute passion for precision men’s & women’s cuts with focus to final detail.
He also comes with extensive experience and knowledge in hair colour formulations & is always up to the challenge in taking on big colour corrections and makeovers

PHD Hairdressing Rent A Space

Fiona Hudson

Fiona has been a hair stylist for over 25 years and has never stopped training & investing in her career, therefore she always remains up to date with the latest hair trends and colour techniques. Part of being a good hairstylist is to always remain on top of your game and most of all to listen to what your clients needs are

PHD Hairdressing Rent A Space

Sharon James

Sharon’s focus is on always giving her clients exactly what they want by taking care to listen attentively & working to achieve their hair goals.
She is also passionate about the environment and chooses to use vegan and enviromentally friendly products on her clients.

PHD Hairdressing Rent A Space

Troes Canha

As a Co-Owner of PHD, Troes not only tasks herself with the responsibility of making sure that you have an unforgettable experience at PHD but she can also offer you the best skin care advice as well as Laser Services like Hair Removal, Tattoo removal & Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation. I thank Jesus for giving me direction everyday…Troes

PHD Hairdressing

Robi Canha

Robi is one of the original Co-Founders of PHD Hairdressing, 24 years ago, and currently still Co-Owner with his wife Troes.
As an entrepreneur Robi has been involved in many other business ventures as well from the retail sector to the online realm. Currently he tasks himself with all the marketing, finance, administration and business development of PHD.
“Never waist your time nor your talent, accept failures and move on. This world waits for no man”